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Sharing is better than giving

After visiting several times the smallest country in Africa, Gambia, we have realized that sharing is better than giving, much better. We are a group of friends, who have become sensitized with the population of Mansajang Kunda, in the region called Basse Santa Su, it is an area far from the capital, in the interior of the country.

The Boobokunda Association born from the concern to improve the quality of child life and sustainable community development. We do not receive salaries and all our expenses are at our expense. Our contribution is economic, time, work and dedication.


Carry out solidarity projects in The Gambia.


Sensitize, train and educate society.


Manage the development of projects following the action plan.


Obtain resources to carry out the projects.


Dissemination of the projects carried out to raise awareness of the problem and thus raise awareness in society.


Organize events to raise funds and get help both financially and materially.


The NGO Boobkunda Association was established recently, so only a few months ago we received the first donations.

We have designed a chart to show the percentage of investment that has been made in each project according to its development plan.

At the end of each year, reports and annual reports will be available. We are committed to transparency by always sharing total information with clarity.

Our projects are for Africa

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