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Children make up the most vulnerable segment of the population, we understand that care and protection is necessary to guarantee the future of new generations, especially when the first five years of a child's life are the most important for healthy development .

We have developed an action plan to help the Nutrition Center located in Basse Santa Su, Gambia.


Due to the lack of subsidies, lack of training and equipment, maladaptive techniques continue to be used. By professionalizing workers by offering them higher education, such as fostering the vocational school, we cover a large part of the market demand.

Education is the best investment for the community to grow creating a wiser society, and with more knowledge for stable growth.


Health has a direct relationship with the health of the environment in which we live. A sustainable waste management plan is necessary to prevent the appearance of diseases related to poor sanitary conditions. 

Likewise, disseminate to the population in general about the hygienic measures.

Sanitation and Hygiene


Continue with the action plan and give support in training and professional education

Creation of a radio program to carry out nutritional prevention at the local and national level of the country.

Change of the structure of deficient roofs to prevent destructions before the rainy season.

Start a sanitation plan including a waste collection / cleaning system.

Help us make the projects come true

Projects done

Change mattresses nutritional center of Basse Santa Su.

Investment in the future : training of nutrition professionals.

Support and donation material school Dembandin School.

Construction of poultry house in Mansajang kunda.

Technical support for the realization of nutritional screening.

Create a garden to give nutritional support to the Nutrition Center, in Masnsajang Kunda.

Diffusion in several radio programs in the Gambian country.

Car repair to facilitate transportation of the Nutrition Center.

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